Take that, Monday

It’s Monday morning. Celebrate or scream?

Well, you can face Monday morning with dread. Or you can set a new challenge and start the week off on your own terms.

I chose the second option. And to make matters a bit tougher, I had less than a half-hour to run this morning, between getting Little Guy on the school bus and going to work a bit early.

So that meant there was no time to drive or run to a trail.

That’s OK. I can take pavement now and then. I just have to look for the biggest challenge.

This morning, it was running repeats around a hilly loop that’s slightly less than a half-mile around.stopwatch3

The challenge: run each repeat faster than the previous one, without any breaks in between.

Here’s how it went:

Warm up: 3:47.

Repeat No. 1 — 3:14

Repeat No. 2 — 3:o1

Repeat No. 3 — 2:52

Repeat No. 4 — 2:49

Repeat No. 5 — 2:51 (drat!)

Cool down: 5:35

Total running time: 24:11

Not a bad workout. I even got home in time to post this blog before hitting the shower. Guess that means I could have done one or two more repeats!


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