Leave the watch at home

Sometimes, an easy run is anything but. That’s because I just can’t help myself. Instead of taking it easy, and recovering from a hard workout, I keep hammering when I should be cruising. easybutton1

That’s counter-productive. But it’s a very common running mistake.

Tonight, I ran five miles on a paved loop (didn’t have time to hit the trails) around my neighborhood. I live in a subdivision that is surrounded by a road exactly mile around. It’s very popular with walkers, runners and bikers, because it’s a measured mile. For anyone trying to count miles, it’s the place to be.

I did five easy laps. At least they started out easy. But every time I came to the starting point for a new lap, I found myself punching my watch’s split/lap function to record the time. Of course, that caused me to want to run the next lap a bit faster. And I did. 

Here are my times:

Lap #1 — 8:51

Lap #2 — 8:32

Lap #3 — 8:15

Lap #4 — 8:03

Lap #5 — 8:04

Total time: 41:46.

No, I didn’t burn up the road. But I think I should have taken it even slower. Nice and easy. Not faster and faster. Next time, I’ll leave the watch at home.


One Response to “Leave the watch at home”

  1. Sheridan Says:

    maybe leave the watch on the bathroom counter on “easy run” days! so funny I do the same thing if I have my watch on

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