Not enough hours in the day

Another busy day means I had to squeeze in a quick run this morning. Quicker than I really wanted to do.

Trail Boy is starting to get the shakes. It’s been five days since I’ve stepped foot on a trail. It’s just been that kind of week.multi-task1

In  a perfect world, I like to take 60-90 minutes for a weekday run, including driving to and from a trail.

But sometimes I have no choice. Work piles up. I have a big story to chase. The boys get good grades and I have to start my day at an honors assembly. My book club meets after work, and I want to do that too.

All those things squeeze out running. So like the modern American multi-tasker, I have to cut corners now and then.

That meant I had only a half-hour to run today — no time to Hit the Trails. But I decided to branch out as best as I could.

I pulled on my size 12 Mizunos, and on a whim, I trotted a half-dozen blocks over to check out a few yards that are famous for wonderful flower gardens. How did the gardens look this fine March morning?

As it turns out, they were pretty brown and unspectacular this early in the spring. Just a few daffodils here and there.

But while I was in the neighborhood, I kept running until I hit a nearby soccer field, and did a big lazy loop around it. That field is amazingly big. It has three or four baseball diamonds and room enough for about 10 soccer games at once.

The field was a bit damp from a rainstorm last night. But I was just happy to have dirt and grass under my shoes for the first time in nearly a week.

In fact, if I had to run on pavement for one more day, I would have to change the name of the blog to Hit the Road.

And that would make Trail Boy very sad.


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