High water, deep puddles

I needed to get back to a dirt surface on Monday, after slogging 12 miles on pavement on Saturday.

rainyThere wasn’t time to search far and wide. I was back at work after five days away. I had a limited amount of time in the middle of the day. The canal towpath, a few miles to the north, would have to do.

It wasn’t exactly a spring romp down the primrose path. It rained all day Sunday. Overnight, the rain turned to sleet. So as I ran, I dodged raindrops and light snowflakes. My feet skipped around hundreds of puddles.

The canal was higher than I’ve seen it in weeks. So was the river, which had crested its banks. There was a foot or two of water on the nearby grass.

I ran an easy four miles, marveling at nature. The ducks and the geese were loving the water. I really didn’t mind, myself.


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