It’s just not natural

Have you ever seen a dog walk on its hind legs? It’s an interesting sight, but after you get over the novelty, you sense that something is just not right. You want it to stop.

Same with a chimpanzee riding a tricycle or a horse wearing a top hat.

Let me add one more item to this category: a trail runner pounding the pavement.

Yes, sadly, Trail Boy ran this morning on (nervous twitch, embarrassed mumble) roads — for the second consecutive day.

Why? Because I am without wheels today. Mrs. Trail Boy is borrowing my Jeep, because her van is in the shop again. So she drove me to work, and I will be unable to drive to trails at lunchtime.

chimpI pounded out 4 1/2 miles in 37:54 in our neighborhood before work. So there it is. I’m a road runner. For a few days this week, anyway.

It took me hours to realize this shameful condition does not reflect on me, and I can share my sad story with the world.


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