Big H, little h

(With apologies to Dr. Seuss and his Amazing Alphabet Book…)

Big H, little h, what begins with H?


Hungry horse, hen in a hat, and hills, of course.

Yes, hills!  And like the letters in the Dr. Seuss book, some hills are big. Some are little. But big or little, they all get the heart pumping, in their own way.

I wanted to run big hills today, out at Crown Hill Cemetery, where you can find some of the tallest, steepest slopes in Central Indiana. I started running them last week, as noted earlier, and wanted to make it a regular part of training.

But little hills would have to do.

Why? Because I got stuck at my desk all day. My editor said: Do this! Do that! Update your blog (the work blog, not my fun blog). Finish your Sunday story on erectile-dysfunction drug advertising. I wrote the story. Then I had to go back and rewrite it, taking all the spicy parts out. I write for a family newspaper, after all.

To add insult to injury, I got an e-mail from Master Denny today, telling me he was doing hill repeats in Akron. He did a whole bunch of killer repeats on a bitch of a hilly road, called Treaty Line Hill. Meanwhile, I was writing a story about limp penises. Man, was the symbolism rich, or what!

Then after work, I had to drive across town to watch Son Number One break a board at tae-kwon-do, and earn another belt color. (Note: I’m not complaining about this. It was a joy to watch Grasshopper become more skilled and confident.)

So, finally, back at home by 7:30, I had a half-hour to myself. So I ran little hills.

There’s a short loop, about one-third of a mile, near my house. It has a small hill on one side of the loop. When I don’t have time to go to the big hills, this has to do.

So I ran this loop six times, each time a little faster, without any rest breaks. Like I said, I wanted to get the heart pumping.

Here are the vital stats:vv

Warmup: 4:31.

Loop 1 — 3:20

Loop 2 — 3:06

Loop 3 — 2:55

Loop 4 — 2:49

Loop 5 — 2:44

Loop 6 — 2:38

Cooldown — 5:11

Total running time: 27:16.

So I met several goals. First, I ran. Second, I ran hills. Third, I ran each loop faster than the previous one. Fourth, I got my heart pumping. Fifth, I didn’t take any breaks; each time I hit the beginning of the loop, I shifted up a gear, so to speak.

Unfortunately, I didn’t meet my ultimate goal: Doing five repeats of Killer Cemetery Hill.

But there’s always next time. With big hills.

Right, Dr. Seuss?


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