Golf is a great workout, I hear

I love it when some of my non-running friends try to convince me that golfing is a cardio sport.
“It’s just as tough as running,” one of them told me. ”You try it sometime.”
Sure, golf is a real sport. Just  like McDonald’s is a real restaurant, or like Fox News is fair and balanced.
Oh, the rigors! All that walking! On manicured lawns! Helped by caddies and golf carts. Dressed for action in sweater vests and business casual. Yep, that sounds like a real bitch of a workout.
Let’s look the reigning superstars in each sport.

First, here’s Jorge Pacheco, trail runner extraordinaire. He won six ultramarathons in 2008. I’m guessing his body fat is about 3 percent and his resting heart rate is 40.

Second,  here’s Samuel Kamau Wanjiru of Kenya, who won the 2008 Beijing Olympic men’s Marathon in an Olympic record time of 2:06:32. He’s a running god, without an ounce of fat. 

Watch Sam Wanjiru smoke!

Now, here’s Angel Cabrera, who won the Master’s Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia in April 2009.
You gotta love those relaxed-fit khakis!
Gotta love the relaxed-fit khakis!
And how can we forget that Master of Fitness, super golfer John Daly?
Check out the next few photos and then see if you can tell me with a straight face that golfing is a game for the cardio crowd:
Ooooh, this guy had a few too many nachos after the last round.
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One Response to “Golf is a great workout, I hear”

  1. ilovemorningfog Says:

    so funny!

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