Beautiful trails, heavy legs

  What do you get when you take too many rest days, followed by two back-to-back hard workouts? Heavy legs, of course! I ran 13 miles before work today. It was a picture-perfect spring morning– clear sky, warm air, lots of flowering plants in full bloom. Unfortunately, after about nine miles, my legs grew heavy and my energy fizzled.  

No big mystery there. I sat on my butt on Sunday (lousy weather), Monday (more lousy weather, plus busy at work) and Wednesday (planned to run at lunchtime in celebration of Earth Day, but got bogged down at work).  

And on the days I DID run, my training was uneven. On Tuesday, I ran six miles on pavement. On Thursday, I ran hill repeats (yes, on pavement).   

The lesson here: I need more consistent training, day after day. I need to run more tough trails. And I need to boost my weekly mileage. Otherwise, the hard workouts, when I do them, will bite me in the shorts. 

Mind you, I’m not complaining. For the first two-thirds of today’s run, I had a decent amount of zip. And I did get a workout. But it was harder than it had to be.   I ran at Fort Harrison State Park, about 15 minutes from my house. I got to the park at 6:45 a.m., before the it officially opened. I had to park outside the locked gates, in a nearby office parking lot, and run around the entrance gate and down the long road to the trails.    

Once I reached the meat of the park, I ran the bike loop, the Fall Creek Trail loop (twice, in each direction), the Lawrence Creek Trail (same as Fall Creek), and then retraced my steps up the long entrance road to my car.    

My legs started getting heavy on the second loop of the Lawrence Creek Trail. The trail is challenging it its own way. It starts off with a steep, 100-foot climb, and goes up and down through rock beds, dirt trails and some soggy muck. Hence my tired dogs. Still, the scenery and terrain were perfect. Even though my legs were whining, Trail Boy’s soul was in heaven!    

The Fall Creek Trail was beautiful too, with lots of great views of the creek.    

I finished up the run in just a couple minutes under two hours. From what I know of the trails, I’m guess I ran about 13 miles.     

This weekend, I go camping with Cub Scouts (my son’s pack, not some random Cub Scouts) at Turkey Run State Park, about two hours west of my house. We will sleep on the ground ( in tents) on Saturday night and probably do the usual Scout stuff, with campfires, crafts and hikes.    

The park has some decent trails. It goes without saying that Trail Boy will come prepared, shoes and all, to hit the trails.    




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