Mountain bikers: my new best friends

Mountain bikers are OK in my book if they're going to build a new 10-mile singletrack near my house that I can use.

Mountain bikers are OK in my book if they're going to build a new 10-mile singletrack near my house that I can use.

This is the best news I’ve seen in weeks — at least when it comes to trails, a subject near and dear to my singletrack heart.

Fort Ben Harrison, which is the state park closest to my house, might get a brand new, 10-mile-long hiking and biking trail this year.

Naturally, this would be great, if it happens. There is no such thing as too many trails — especially in Indy, where the parks are far and few between, and the trails are scarce.

According to a short item in the newspaper, the park is hosting an open house this afternoon to discuss the trail. It’s proposed somewhere on park grounds. The singletrack trail would be for hikers, runners and mountain bikers.

What a great addition that would be. At Fort Ben, you can find a handful of trails, but they are mostly short loops, the longest being about 2 1/2 miles. So getting a new 10-mile long trail would be outstanding.

I wish I could get to the meeting and hear more details, but I can’t. I did a brief web search on the web for a map of the planned trail, but couldn’t find anything. I hope the trail would be 10 miles without a break. Currently, if you want to run trails for a few hours at Fort Ben, you have to include a few stretches on pavement to get from one trail to another.

Still, it looks like the right groups are behind this effort. Representatives from Department of Natural Resources and the Hoosier Mountain Biking Association will attend the meeting. 

You might ask: Won’t runners and bikers get in each other’s way? Won’t they compete for turf on a narrow singletrack? Maybe. But I’ve run on other mountain bike trails before and have always stepped off the course when I saw a biker approaching. Simple courtesy goes a long way.

The world is big enough for all of us trail lovers. I think that both groups are so happy for new trails that we’ll do everything possible to co-exist peacefully.

The bike people are going to design and build the trail. I’m sure they will include as many hills, dales and and drop-offs as humanly possible.  Mountain bikers are like that.

Naturally, that’s just fine with Trail Boy.

Hey bike people: Call me if you need any help.


One Response to “Mountain bikers: my new best friends”

  1. ilovemorningfog Says:

    love your abundant attitude! out here mountain biker’s are banned from many local trails. this makes me sad for my husband who loves mountain biking!

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