I’m not the only crazy one out there

I don’t know these guys, but I’d love to go running with them. They’re not afraid of a little water. Or a few hills.

I grabbed these photos from Brian, a Facebook friend, who posted them over the weekend. He lives in Streetsboro, Ohio, and runs, runs, runs, and blogs about his trail adventures.  He even directs a few races, including a 50K trail race at Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio.

Who needs a stinkin' bridge? Not a real trail runner.

"I think I see a trail down there somewhere."

Here's how you wash your trail shoes after a long, muddy run.

Well, these guys had a wild day. But Trail Boy took a day off, after my trail half-marathon on Saturday. I weeded and mulched gardens, watched Little League baseball and put my feet up. I’ll get back into training on Monday!


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