One for the road

Ahhh, flat ground. No thorny bushes. No mud slides. No climbing to the highest point of a ski slope through weeds and prickers.

Just for today, I didn’t mind being Pavement Boy.

After spending nearly two days recovering from an intense 50-mile relay that was cooked up in the mind of some twisted masochist (see posting below), I played it safe for my first day back in action.

I ran home after work today, a distance of about 12 miles, door to door, from downtown to Trail Boy’s cozy cottage in the burbs.

Unlike the last time I did this, a month or so ago, t0day I avoided the city streets as much as possible, especially in the inner city. Instead, I ran from downtown up Mass Ave and got on the Monon Trail  at 10th Street, and took it north about four miles to Canterbury Park. Then I swung east, zig-zagging the rest of the way home on shady back streets. I got home in an hour and 48 minutes.

Yep, I stuck to good old pavement. It didn’t ask much of me. We got along just fine.

In a day or two, I’ll get back to the trails. For now, I’m a pavement pounder. Just like most every other runner out there.


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