Take a bow, Kevin

Make it all nice for Kevin. He'll be there next year.

Trail Boy is happy when his friends are happy.

And since lots of my friends are runners, there’s no better feeling than seeing one of them reach a major running goal.

So let me take a moment to salute Kevin, an old friend from Ohio, who just qualified for the Boston Marathon yesterday with  nail-biting, down-to-the-wire run at the Cleveland Marathon.

He finished with a time of 3:35:08, less than a minute to spare.

Kevin has been chasing this Boston dream for a few years. Lately, he’s been on a mission from God to make it happen. And he did.

He has put in the tough miles, day after day, month after month. He pushed himself so hard his body began to protest in the last few days, leaving him wondering if he was going to fall apart on the course. Reading his blog, I felt like I was training with him. And I began to get nervous for him.

But instead of falling apart, he got a PR and BQ on the same day.

Kevin writes with joy about all the friends who cheered him on and ran with him. It’s fun to read. It’s also funny. He writes that he really needed to take a bathroom break late in the race, but every second counted, and he couldn’t risk it. He held it and ran. It was a wise choice. He finished with about 50 seconds to spare.

But let Kevin tell the story: You’re probably wondering, “Dude! What were your thoughts when you hit the finish line at BQ time?”  That’s an easy one:  “Where’s the nearest port-a-potty?”  Think of it:  If I had taken the time for a quick (but much needed) pee at mile 22, I’d have slightly less happy story to report today. 

Now that Kevin has this BQ thing out of his system, he is going to run trails with me. The next major race on our calendars is the Buckeye Trail 50K in July. See you then, champ!



One Response to “Take a bow, Kevin”

  1. run2boston Says:

    Well shucks Trail Boy, that was a really nice tribute (I think I’m getting all fahrklempt again … ). To be perfectly honest, I’m still not really sure how I pulled it off. I think at some level I just refused to slow down, regardless of what my legs wanted to do. My quads are still angry with me.


    Kevin Cartier (aka Run2Boston)

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