Sweet, sweet endorphins

Everything is beautiful again.

After a week of hobbling around and/or sitting on my duff, I just had a nice, little run.

My goal was to see if I could run for a half-hour or so without my right ankle screaming in pain.

I was thrilled to make it 6 1/2 miles around my neighborhood, on flat roads, in 57:25.

My ankle never let out a peep. Now I am relaxing in a shower of endorphins.

I don’t know who is happier, me or Mrs. Trail Boy. This morning, she said, “Please get your ass out there and go running. I can’t take another day of your grouchiness.”

OK, my grouchies are gone.

Now it’s time for breakfast, then we’ll head downtown for the Indy 500 parade, where we get to see all the drivers, celebrities, marching bands and other hoo-ha strut their stuff before Sunday’s race.

On Sunday, I’m hoping to squeeze in a quick run before our road trip to Columbus for a family reunion. Then on Monday, I want to do a two-hour long run.

Of course, the challenge will be not to overdo it on the food and drink at the reunion. After a tough week like this, I need every edge I can get to get back in the game.


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