Nice, easy miles, at last

When your bones and joints need a break from serious trails, you can't go wrong with the flat, scenic canal towpath.

Another long run is in the books. It was the tamest weekend run I’ve had in a month. And that was just how I wanted it.

I purposely wanted to take a break from the gnarly trails that have over-stressed my body lately. For the past three weekends, I’ve run one challenging trail race after another. They were been a lot of fun. But they have taken their toll. For the past week, I’ve been trying to recover my an over-stressed right ankle and a mild fever.

This weekend, I didn’t want to tempt fate with another tough outing. It was time to crank out the miles nice and easy, without shoe-sucking mud, chilly creeks, lung-busting hills or leg-scratching briars.

And that’s what I did. I ran 13 easy miles this morning on flat ground — a mix of trails and road. I kept the speed down and stayed light on my feet. I listened closely my body for any problems.

And I got the job done without any setbacks.

That means this is a boring report. I didn’t fall down. I didn’t run into a tree. I didn’t slide down a hill.

But sometimes, boring is good. It means you did what you had to do, without any big problems.

The weather was great for most of the run — mid-50s, cloudy skies, a cool breeze. That was a pleasant surprise, after days of hot weather.

I ran the first 10 miles on the towpath. I had the trail mostly to myself. It was kind of surprising. This is a holiday weekend, when people have a little extra time, and might want to be enjoying the outdoors. t I saw only maybe five or six other runners this morning.

After about nine miles, I noticed the sky getting really dark. I could hear thunder rumbling in the distance. A minute later, the sky opened up, drenching me with a flash flood kind of downpour, while the lighning put on a laser show.

I scampered the last mile back to the parking lot, hopped in my car, hoping to wait out out the storm.

I don’t mind running in rain, or snow or sleet. But I’m not dumb enough to run in a lightning storm.

 Ten minutes later, with the rain still beating down on my Jeep’s canvas top, I decided to head home and finish the run later.

By the time I got home 15 minutes later, however, the lighting had stopped and the rain had let up to a light shower. What the heck, I thought. I grabbed my coat and a hat, and decided to run three quick laps around my neighborhood on the one-mile loop road.

Well, quick might not be the right word. My legs were a bit stiff from sitting in my Jeep. But I managed to get the 13-miler done, rain or no rain. My time was 2:01:36.

Overall, it felt so good I just might stick to the towpath next weekend, too.


I know that I’ve fallen a bit behind in my training for The Big Race. So here’s a “new and improved” weekend training schedule for long runs for the next eight weekends. It’s just a rough guide that I will still modify as needed, but a rough roadmap is better than none. And it gives me hope that I can still get there from here.

May 30 — 15 miles (or 2 1/4 hours)

June 2 — 17 miles (or 2  1/2 hours)

June 9 — 19 miles (or 2 3/4 hours)

June 16 — 21 miles (or 3 hours)

June 23 — 23 miles (or 3 1/4 hours)

June 30 — 25 miles (or 3 1/2 hours)

July 3 — 27 miles (or 3 1/2 to 4 hours)

July 11 — Scale back to 12 miles

June 18: The race: BT50K


One other thing that I have to squeeze in between now and July is three hours of volunteer service at a local race or trail-maintenance effort. It’s an entry requirement for the BT50K. I haven’t got a plan for that yet. Suggestions are welcome.


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  1. Just keep the fire burning inside you! We are passionate people and running is our life. I believe we are always ready for life’s booringneess! : ) thank you for this post!

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