Happy vacation — er, furlough

I’m on vacation for a few days. But this is not a “put your feet up, grab another beer” kind of vacation.

Everyone in my company has to take 10 days of unpaid furlough sometime in the first six months of 2009 so the company can save a little money and we don’t have to go through another round of layoffs.

Right now, it’s my turn to cool my heels and get a tiny paycheck.

Therefore, I have plenty of time, but not plenty of money. So what is Trail Boy to do?

I’m glad you asked! I’m keeping plenty busy. In the past three days:

1) I bought a new car (or rather, slightly used) for Mrs. Trail Boy, to replace her 11-year car that keeps breaking down. So let’s hope I keep my job until I pay off this three-year car loan.

2) I weeded and mulched several flower beds, cleared a whole mess of brush, cut the lawn and designed a new garden. 

3) I began building a float for my church with a few friends.

4) I caught up with some other friends over dinner at a really fun, lakefront seafood restaurant a few blocks from my house. If you tried really hard, you could pretend you were at the beach.

5) I have generally been a hands-on dad, husband and guy about the neighborhood.

You might say: OK, Trail Boy, that’s an impressive list! But with all that yardwork and haggling with a car salesman and so forth, did you actually do any running?

Yes, of course! Since my last posting, I’ve done two short road runs (four to five miles) in the neighborhood.

And on Sunday morning, I’m planning to do a 7-mile trail run. On Monday, I will do a 15-mile long run on some trail.

Who says I’m a slacker? Happy Furlough!


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