A day off from running, so let’s hit the trails

So many choices! Can we hike them all in three hours?

Today is an off day. My legs are a bit stiff after a few hard workouts. So what should an active boy do?

Let’s ask Mrs. Trail Boy.

“How about a hike?” she said. “Do you want to go to Shades State Park?”

Yes, that’s what she said. What a wonderful woman. No wonder I married her!

We all piled in the car and drove to Shades, a beautiful state park about 90 minutes west. The great thing about this park is that the trails are not for sissies. They go along creek beds, up and down ravines, and deep into gorges.

We had a blast, even though the gnats and misquitoes were a bit thicker than we expected. Still, the woods were deep green, and we saw orange fungus, lots of butterflies and frogs.

This is actually the trail. It climbs up a creek bed, with all kinds of cool obstacles: fallen logs, high water, rocks, muddy banks.

I've never seen orange fungus before. I had to take a photo.

Green is Trail Boy's favorite color. So I'll follow this trail just about anywhere.

shades 2009 034

This trail is typical of the park: steep banks, lots of greenery, a wonderful creek to climb to the top.

You can avoid the mud if you can keep your balance on the log.

The only thing better than a trail is cooling off in the creek.


One Response to “A day off from running, so let’s hit the trails”

  1. Sheridan Says:

    I love this what a beautiful family and a wonderful park weird orange fungus!

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