Stop the presses!

NEWS FLASH: It’s not raining!

Scoff if you must at such unbelievable news, but it’s true. The weather gods have behaved all day, allowing me to sneak in a 42-minute run at lunchtime on the towpath.

Sure, the canal was a muddy mess after days of heavy storms. And I had to jump over puddles galore on the trail. But the sky was 100 percent free of rain, and that was the important thing.

I can’t predict how much longer this freaky weather will last. For today, however, I enjoyed it.

I didn’t run yesterday. Unlike today, it was a crazy day, and I had no prayer of squeezing in a run.

First of all, I woke up at 6:30 a.m., hoping to run, but I was still groggy from being awakened by several overnight thunderstorms. At 8 a.m., still half-asleep, I left the house to go pick up a rental trailer across town for the parade this weekend.

If you’ve ever visited a rental center, you know it’s never a smooth, quick transaction. It’s always a question of how many snags and delays will be involved. This trip was no exception. It was an exhausting way to start the day.

When I finally got to work shortly around 10 a.m., I learned that one of the biggest VIPs in Indiana, a medical researcher who had his hand in everything and knew everyone, committed suicide a few days ago. I spent 12 hours talking to many of his friends,  and pounding out page after page of notes and news copy, resulting in this front-page story today.

I stayed at the office, writing and polishing until 10:30. I didn’t get home until nearly 11. I went to bed exhausted.

So I woke up at 7 a.m. today, but still in no shape to run. Despite two cups of coffee, I couldn’t wake up sufficiently. My run would have to wait until lunchtime — unless all hell broke loose again.

Thankfully, it didn’t. So you might see why I was so thrilled that I could get out for a lunchtime run today, when it was a quieter, both in the newsroom and in the skies.

May it continue throughout the weekend.

And that’s the end of this news update.


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