OK, genius, what did you forget this time?

At least once a month, I forget something critial as I head out for a run.

It usually happens when I’m running late. I throw things in my gym bag helter-skelter and dash out the door.

I don’t discover the problem until it’s too late, when I’m at the trailhead, or in the locker room.

Damn it, where are my socks?! I know I packed them! No towel, either. Damn!!

No matter how many times I look in the gym bag, the socks and the towel refuse to magically appear.

Over the years, I have forgotten, at one point or another, running shoes, socks, towel, hat, sunglasses, water bottle, shirt, gloves — you name it.

You can call me Mr. Potato Head for all the times I’ve left my brains somewhere.

Today might be the topper for this year.

I drove out to Fort Ben to run trails. Did I have everything I needed? Of course! Well, yes, everything except for my wallet (containing my admission pass for Indiana state parks), my watch and my handkerchief.

Aye-yi-yi. Some days I amaze myself.

I was just 20 feet from the park gate when I discovered I didn’t have my wallet with me. Of course, that meant I also didn’t have any cash for a one-day entrance fee ($5).

So I turned my Jeep around, drove back down to the main road, made a wide loop to the back of the park, where I found a nice, quiet sidestreet.

I parked and ran 10 minutes down the road to aother (unguarded) entrance into the park.

I finally got to the trail — the Lawrence Creek Trail in this case, — a nice, shady, hilly, loop through the woods.

I started running, and hit my watch. Nope! No watch!

Well, I guess this will be an untimed run.

I ran the loop five times around, stopping each time for water. (Hey, thank God I remembered my water bottle.) 

Then after 75 minutes or so, I ran back to the car. I’m guessing I ran about nine or ten miles altogether. It’s hard to say. The trail isn’t measured, although I’ve heard it’s about two miles around.

Yes, and I forgot my handkerchief, so sweat was pouring down my face, and I had nothing to wipe it with.

At least I remembered to take a towel and a fresh shirt for the ride home.

No wonder Mrs. Trail Boy constantly asks me if I have everything I need, like I’m a half-wit who can’t tie his own shoes. She knows the real me.


This is how the week has shaped up so far. Let's hope it cools off in a few days.

Today was another hot, sticky day. It’s going to get up to 90 degrees, the weatherman says, and there’s also an ozone alert. Sunday is no prize, either, with temps forecasted for the high 80s.

I’m going to wait another day or two for my long run. I’m hoping we get cooler weather Monday and Tuesday. That would be great.

But there’s one other wrinkle. Mrs. Trail Boy hit the road today for a long weekend in Ohio, with just one of our two darling boys.

That means I’m Mr. Mom this weekend. It’s going to be tricky to find a time to disappear for a three- or four-hour trail run.

I’ve got to put together a plan. This will require some ingenuity.

Do you think Mr. Potato Head can pull it off?


2 Responses to “OK, genius, what did you forget this time?”

  1. run2boston Says:

    I hear ya, buddy. I myself am so paranoid about forgetting Something Important, that I keep a fully stocked gear bag in the trunk of my car … just in case.

    • Trail Boy Says:

      I should follow your practice. It would save me a lot of trouble. This morning was the worst. I couldn’t even find my gym bag! I had to take my running stuff to work in a Heinen’s tote bag.

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