Daddy, one; Trail Boy, nothing.

mr mom

OK, I had only one kid to watch this weekend. And I'm not nearly as photogenic as Michael Keaton. But you get the idea.

I survived the weekend as a single dad.

I cooked and cleaned and did some yardwork. I played a few games with Trail Kid. I took him to play miniature golf. I watched him cruise the neighborhood on his bicycle, playing with friends and hitting garage sales, spending every last dime of his allowance.

Later, he and I ate pizza, watched a little  TV and read the last two chapters of “The Mystery of the Yellow Feather” at bedtime.

What I didn’t do was get in a long run. It just wasn’t in the stars.

I couldn’t leave a 10-year-old boy at home alone for three or four hours (or more) while I went to the woods. And I just wasn’t going to run the neighborhood loop 15 or 20 times.

I didn’t neglect my running completely. I ran 10 miles on Saturday (before Mrs. Trail Boy shoved off) and five miles this morning in the neighborhood.

Mrs. Trail Boy will arrive home at about lunchtime today, while I’m at work and Trail Kid is at a friend’s house.

I have a vague plan to try to get up extra early tomorrow morning and run for three hours before work. Stay tuned on that.

Looking ahead, we have a three-day weekend coming up. So I’ll have no excuse to sit around, watering the garden and playing Putt-Putt. It’s time for another 20 miler.


I’m getting excited about the Indiana Trail Runners, a new web site and social network that got up and running a few weeks ago.

Trail runners all over the area are signing up. A few have begun to post information about training runs, asking for company. I had to say no to two tempting invitations this past weekend. But I hope there will be many more a-comin’. It will fill a much-needed void.


The steamy weather of late has begun to cool a bit. I could feel the difference this morning when I ran five miles around the neighborhood at 7:30 a.m.; sure, it was sunny, but it wasn’t oppressive. And the weather man says the temps will drop for the next two days, with highs in the 70s. Sweet.


Just when I feel a bit overwhelmed by the hot weather and all my other responsibilities, I get a cold slap in the face when I read other running blogs. Many of my running friends are training for (or running) 100-mile races this summer.

This past weekend, the big race was Western States 100-miler, where several runners (including Jamie) DNF’ed due to injuries and monstrously hot weather.

The next big race is Burning River 100. Read this blog entry to see how the tough guys do a 30-mile familiarization run in 90-degree weather. Oh Lord!


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