Perfect weather and Michael Jackson

COUNTDOWN: Ultramarathon Day Minus 10

This would be a lousy day to go to the beach: cloudy skies, threat of rain, temps in the low 70s.


For runners, cloudy skies are a blessing in July.

But it was a great day to go running at lunchtime — for all the same reasons.

I took advantage of the cool weather and had a nice five-mile lunchtime run on the towpath. I was surprised how refreshing the weather was, after a few days of hot, sunny skies.

I had the towpath mostly to myself, aside from one large family of kids (involving several toddlers and strollers) and one runner who was trudging along, not having much fun.

I ran at an easy pace (probably 8:30), finishing in 42:59.


I managed to go 25 years in journalism without ever typing the words “Michael Jackson,” but an editor found a way to correct that, on Jackson’s last day on earth. See here.


Most of the newsroom was expecting the ax to fall today, with more layoffs. But it hasn’t happened as of midafternoon. The latest buzz is it will happen Thursday. Stay tuned.


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