My new obsession: the weatherman

COUNTDOWN: Ultramarathon Day Minus 5

For the next five days, I am going to be a Class A stalker.

My target: the weatherman. I want to know everything he says, thinks, does and writes. At least when it comes to his Akron forecast for Saturday’s race.

Yes, the weather is my new obsession. And that’s because the weather could make or break my race.

So far, I like what I see. The forecast for Saturday is a high of 76 degrees. “Beautiful, with sunshine and patchy clouds,” according to AccuWeather.

Naturally, I’d like it to be even cooler; 60 degrees would be wonderful. But I’m not going to complain about 76 degrees in July. In the woods, it will feel 10 degrees cooler, anyway.

Of course, everything could change in the next five days. That’s why I’m going to stalk the weatherman. Or at least his web site.


I ran an easy four miles in my neighborhood before work today. Short and sweet.

My goal this week is to stay off my feet as much as possible, avoid twisting my ankle, and show up at the starting line ready to run.

That means I’m going to run no more than five or six miles a day between now and then. I’ve done all the training I can do. Now it’s time to sit back and rest.


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