More than one way to hit the trails

COUNTDOWN: Ultramarathon Day Minus 3

I took today off from running. But not from trails, of course.

I took the boys to Town Run Trail Park for a seven-mile bike ride. Joining us were another dad and son from the neighborhood.

We're all smiles as we get ready to roll. The smiles got bigger with each hill. Steven is in the yellow shirt, and Jake is in the brown shirt. Our friends are to the right.

It was a great way to kick-start the day, zooming up and down hills and negotiating all kinds of tricky turns.

It was also a good way to give my running muscles a break, without sacrificing a daily workout.

This was Jake’s first time on the course, and after a tentative first mile, he got the hang of it and did great. He kept up with the pack and never wiped out.

Steven, of course, was the master. He has ridden this course a bunch of times, including with me last night after work.

Both boys were in trail heaven. Of course, that did Trail Boy’s heart good.

The ride took about 50 minutes. Near the end, the dark skies threatened to open any minute. We heard plenty of distant thunder, but got only the lightest of sprinkles. Just as we pedaled into the parking lot, the rain began falling a bit harder, and then finally unleashed a downpour on the 10-minute drive back home. So we managed to beat it by a whisker.

This ramp was closed, but the boys can't wait for it to open.

The bikes are back home, nice and clean from the rain.


The weatherman is doing his best to make me happy one minute and nervous the next.

Today’s forecast update for Saturday’s race is a mixed bag.

First, the temps look great, now down to a high of 69 degrees.

But there’s a growing chance of rain, something that the forecast didn’t even mention two days ago. “Cool with a thunderstorm possible.”

A thunderstorm? I don’t want to run 30 miles in a thunderstorm.

Let’s say a little prayer to Our Lady of Doppler Radar that the storm holds off for a day or two. Amen.


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