Feet up, eyes closed

COUNTDOWN: Ultramarathon Day Minus 2.

Today is a weird day.

On the one hand, my training is completely over.  I’m deep into the taper phase. That means no running today. No running tomorrow, either. I’m saving my energy and strength for Saturday.

I’m putting my feet up, in a manner of speaking. I’m trying to close my eyes and think relaxing thoughts.

On the other hand, I’m running around like a madman today. In addition to going to work and writing a long, complex (yet highly readable!) story for Sunday’s paper, I did the following:

* Got a haircut.

* Went to the credit union for money.

* Went to a 90-minute “all-hands” meeting with the publisher, to discuss our rebuilding strategy after last week’s layoffs.

* Am on my way to a committee meeting at church, meaning I probably won’t get home until 8:30 or 9.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Trail Boy is single-handedly overseeing all shopping, logistics and packing for our trip to Ohio and beyond. (After the ultra, we’re taking a family vacation at the Delaware beach for a week.) She’s doing heroic work. I am glad we have a week to rest and relax after such a hectic week.


This is what I love to see when I check the weather forecast for a big race: “High of 68. More clouds than sun.”

That’s just about perfect for July. You can’t ask for better weather than that.

The wild card continues to be whether it will rain, and the weatherman is not too sure about that.  There might be a shower or thunderstorm on Friday night. And there might be one on Saturday.

Hey, I can’t anything about it. It’s time to do this thing. Let’s run.


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