The vital numbers

My legs are still stiff. My toes are still sore. But I have a warm feeling inside, a day and a half after finishing my first ultra.

Lots of friends and family members have given me high-fives and asked if I’ve picked my next ultra.

The answer: No! I’m not even going to think about it until I can walk pain-free.

Meanwhile, it’s not painful at all to think about the results. I’ve been looking for the official results for the past 24 hours or so, but the  race site has yet to post them.

But I did find unofficial results posted here. And from what I could tell, they look right to me. So without further ado:

* There were 154 finishers out of 167 starters.

* I finished 113th, with a time of 6:52:15

* My time for the first half was 3:07. My time for the second half was 3:45.

* The winner’s time was 3:56:58. The last person crossed the finish line in 9:46:58. (There was a 10-hour cutoff.)

Was I happy with my time? Yes. I wish I had finished stronger, instead of doing so much power-walking for the last mile or so, when my stomach was getting unhappy and my legs were screaming and my toes were throbbing.

But for my first ultra, I just wanted to finish, ideally under seven hours, without breaking anything. So I hit all my goals.

I still plan to post a full race report when I get the time to pull my thoughts together. (I’m on vacation  at the moment, and am using a friend’s laptop to write this.)

But as long as I’m writing numbers here are a few more. According to my watch, my splits between aid stations were as follows

Going out:

* Oak Grove to Snowville Road: 1:14:35

* Snowville Road to Boston Store: 1:01:46

* Boston Store to Pine Lane: 51:29

Coming back:

* Pine Lane to Boston Store: 51:07

* Boston Store to Snowville Road: 1:17:17

* Snowville Road to Oak Grove (finish line): 1:36:27


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