Rest period is over

Well, try as I might, I can’t sit on the couch forever.

Two weeks have come and gone since my ultra — otherwise known as The Day I Beat My Toes to a Bloody Pulp for No Good Reason. For 16 days, I have put my feet up and kicked back with a vengeance. I earned it.

But now I’m done sitting around, doing crossword puzzles and eating pie.

Rest period is over. Time to get moving again.

So this morning, I pulled on my running shoes and ran 3 1/2 miles in my neighborhood. The legs seemed to work just fine. My heart and lungs were OK with it, too.

So now two big questions are:

1) How much fitness and conditioning did I lose during those 16 days? I guess we’ll just have to see in the coming weeks. I feel ready to go out and run a half-marathon this weekend. But that might be my heart talking. My head just might have a separate opinion about that.

2) What’s next? For the past four or five months, the Buckeye Trail 50K is all I’ve thought about, day and night, in terms of a running goal. I was focused. Now I need to pick another big goal, because if I don’t, I will find it very hard to roll out of bed in the morning and head for the trails.

One problem: it’s already August 3rd. It takes at least three months to train hard for a marathon. Depending on how much conditioning I’ve lost, I’m looking at November or December for my next long race.

But maybe I’m in for a pleasant surprise. Maybe I’ve retained much of my fitness. Perhaps I could jump right into a  15-20 miler next weekend, instead of a month or two building up to it.

This week’s goal is to get a sense of my fitness (physical and mental) and then pick a realistic goal for the second half of the year.

Before I grow too attached to that couch.


2 Responses to “Rest period is over”

  1. run2boston Says:

    Yo TB!

    As a fellow BT50K participant, I totally dig the sofa scene. My guess is that the two-week hiatus from running has done nothing but give your legs a much-needed rest, so I wouldn’t worry about jumping back into marathon training (if you are so inclined). Just ratchet the weekly mileage back up to around 40 and you’ll be good to go.

    If you’d like to join me at the Akron Marathon on Sep 26, I’ll be running at a lackadaisical 9:10 training pace in preparation for Chicago two weeks later.

    So thanks again for hangin’ with me at the BT50K. It was great fun! See you on the trails.

    — KC

    • Trail Boy Says:

      Oh, that is so tempting. I love the Akron Marathon — free shoes or no free shoes. It’s great see so many old running friends again, all in one place.

      Another option is to run the Towpath Marathon in October. That would give me a bit more time to train.

      The BT50K was a blast, wasn’t it? Thanks for pulling me along during the last few miles. Same time next year?

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