Excuses, excuses

I might have lost a bit of running fitness during my two-week recovery. But I am happy to report that one thing I did not lose was my outstanding ability to make excuses.

Yep, just one day into my new running program, I’ve already bagged a daily workout. This morning, instead of heading out for a seven-mile trail run before work, I shuffled around the house, rubbing my eyes and slurping down coffee and surfing the Internet.

Did I have a good excuse? Oh man, you have no idea! Just pull up a chair! These are all true reasons.

Hey, at least MY excuses aren't lame -- are they?

Hey, at least MY excuses aren't lame -- are they?

1) I got to bed late last night. I was tired this morning.

2) I slept terribly, awakened several times by a severe thunderstorm.

3) I had to go into work an hour earlier than usual, squeezing out my morning run. Plus I was tired.

4) I couldn’t go running at lunchtime, because there’s a killer rainstorm going on — more like a flash flood.

5) I can’t run after work, because I have a committee meeting at church that will go on until 9 p.m., so I won’t get home until well after dark.

6) I’ve been sluggish and logey all day.

7) My favorite trail was rained out. (Plus I was feeling logey and sluggish.)

.8) Did I say I was tired? I can’t run when I’m tired. I might stress my immune system.

9) It’s Tuesday. I’m always too busy on Tuesdays.

10) I’m saving myself for a 10K this weekend.

OK, that’s 10. Give me a few more minutes. I’m sure I can come up with another 10.

Can you think of any more reasons? Send ’em my way. I’ll add ’em to my collection.


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