Serious freedom

I’m digging this whole Easy Rider scene, man. Or more accurately, the Easy Runner scene.

After four tough months, I’m running for the sheer fun of it again. No goals. No hassles. No uptight structure. Just me and the wide open road. And wide open trails.

That’s how I see this period of a few weeks, between big races.

I went out this morning for a quick run around the neighborhood and felt a relief that I didn’t have to do speed intervals or hill repeats. Just loops around the shady streets for a half-hour, and then headed back home for fruit, bagel and coffee.

I almost felt like Peter Fonda. Well, except for the part about drug smuggling. My only drug is endorphins.

Of course, there’s such a thing as too much freedom, and I don’t plan to abuse it. Two weeks of this, max, and then I’m back on track. I just need to find the right track, whether it’s a fall marathon or something else.


100This year, I turned 50, and I ran a 50K. But today, I’m celebrating 100.

This is my 100th posting since I launched this blog in March. It’s been fun to write, and it’s kept me on course, more or less. Thanks for reading.


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