Running for fun

Let’s have some fun.

Translation: No more ultras this year. It’s time to boogie.

Four weeks after the Buckeye Trail 50K, my body is saying: Don’t put me through that again. Do something shorter, easier, more fun. Balance out your life.

I also promised Mrs. Trail Boy over the weekend that I wouldn’t run another long race this year. All that training has just wiped out my bank balance, so to speak.

So I’m going to keep my word. Instead of a marathon or ultra, I plan to find the coolest half-marathon I can, preferably on a trail, before the snow starts flying. Stay tuned for that!


Well, I guess these posts aren’t going to write themselves, now are they?

I haven’t updated this humble blog in a full week. But I have been running. It’s mostly the short stuff. I ran trails for 40 minutes this morning, and several other quick run since my last posting, all under an hour.

They were run, quick runs, but nothing remarkable. So I won’t make any further remarks about them.

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