I thought I heard the rain

Oh, those dark storm clouds are such a tease.

We haven’t had any rain in weeks. The trails are dry and dusty. The air is scorching hot.

I would welcome a nice, cooling rainstorm or two. So would the ground. But the clouds aren’t getting the message.

A few more days of 90-degree weather and no rain, and this is what my front yard will look like -- well except for the corn, or whatever this green stuff is.

This morning, as I did a neighborhood run, I felt the air growing cooler and the clouds zipping across the sky.

“Oh man, could it be?” I wondered.

The wind started stirring up the tree branches. The sky got a bit darker. Then I felt it. Rain!

It felt good, cooling me off as I ran through the warm, steamy air. “Keep it coming,” I thought.

But it ended as quickly as it began, 60 seconds tops, with barely enough rain to cover a pebble or single speck of dirt.

As I write this, at 5:30 p.m., we have yet to get any more rain.

 Yet the weatherman is predicting rain all week.

To that I say: “Let it fall! My spirit needs the rain. And so do my gardens. And I will be happy to run in it if I have to.”

How dry is it? I went to my favorite local trail on Sunday morning, Town Run Trail Park, and each time my foot hit the trail, a cloud of dust hit my leg. My socks were covered with powdery, dusty dirt within minutes.

Mind you, this is a park that closes its gates when rain falls for more than 10 minutes, since it sits in (or near) a flood plain. The trails turn to mud bogs if you even think about rain.

So I’d be happy to sit indoors and watch it rain for a few hours, if that’s what it took to wash the dust out of the air and give our lawns and gardens a good soaking.

But back to this morning’s run: I did three loops of a 1.5 mile paved course in my neighborhod, wrapping up in 41:50.

I came home with a drenched shirt.

But my shoes were completely dry.


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