Second gear, third gear, fourth gear

So this is what speedwork feels like.

Oh yeah, now I remember.

For the first time in more than a month, I did an old, favorite workout this morning: running speed loops through Royal Pines.

It’s a fun drill that I pull out of my playbook every once in a while. Today, I was in the mood.

Royal Pines is a shady, very pretty neighborhood near my house with a loop that is  probably a bit longer than one-third mile around. The loop includes a gentle hill.

Here’s the workout: I run the laps, each repeat faster than the previous one, with no rest breaks. I start nice and easy, and push a bit harder on each one. I can feel myself shifting into second gear, third gear, fourth gear, etc.

Normally, I do 8-10 repeats, but seeing as this was my first speedwork in a while, I decided to do just six.

Here are my times:

Warmup — 4:09

Loop 1 — 3:29

Loop 2 — 3:19

Loop 3 — 3:09

Loop 4 — 3:02

Loop 5 — 2:54

Loop 6 — 2:46

Cooldown — 2:30


I’m happy to report that since my last whiny post, we’ve gotten some rain.

Late Monday night (early Tuesday morning?) it rained for about a half-hour. Nothing major, but a nice light shower that left puddles in the driveway.

And the weather guy is predicting rain for the next three days.

So I’m done whining for now.


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