Take a deep breath and repeat after me

I’ve got to come up with a shorter name for this workout.

Today, I did one of my favorite drills: Speed Loops Through Royal Pines, A Shady Neighborhood Near My House, Four-Tenths a Mile Around, With a Mild Rolling Hill, Running Each Loop Faster Than The Previous One, With No Rest Breaks — A Very Good Workout When Time Is Short.

Even if I shortened it to an acronym, it would be SPTRPASNNMHFTOAMAWAMRHRELFTTPOWNRBAVGWWTIS.

That looks like something you would see on a street sign in Sweden.

Let there be acronyms.

Let there be acronyms.

Maybe I should just call it Pines Loops and let it go at that.

I’ve run this drill many times, including last week, and don’t feel the need to keep explaining it.

From now on, I’ll just call it Pines Loops. If you want a photo or a longer description, click here or here.

Today, my goal was to run seven loops, one more than last week.

The best part about today’s workout: the air was nice and cool in the pines.

The worst part: too many work trucks too run around. A house in the neighborhood is getting a new roof, and I constantly had to run around the trucks in front of that house. Also, today is trash pickup day in our neighborhood, and I had to dodge the garbage truck several times.

But I suppose that’s a small price to pay for a speed workout.

Here are my times and paces (based on the distance, four-tenths of a mile):

Loop 1 — 3:24 (8:30 pace; basically a warm-up)

Loop 2 — 3:14 (8:05 pace)

Loop 3 — 3:05 (7:42 pace)

Loop 4 — 2:58 (7:25 pace)

Loop 5 — 2:49 (7:02 pace)

Loop 6 — 2:48 (7:00 pace)

Loop 7 — 2:42 (6:45 pace)

Cooldown — 2:10

Yep, so I met my goals of running seven loops, each one fast than the previous one.

And I didn’t commit an acronym this time.


I’m really in the mood for a 10K or half-marathon — and have been for a few weeks — but the race calendar around here is pretty bleak.

Every few days, I check the online calendars, hoping I’ll find a fun, challenging, short race (half-marathon or shorter) to get my juices going.

But it’s the same old crap: jogging/walking charity benefits for one disease or another, most of them on deadly, dull courses, including sidewalks, cement canal banks, a sprawling subdivision or the dreaded Monon Trail.


Why can’t I find a good, scenic, well-organized race in August? Is that asking too much?

The next decent race is on Saturday, Sept. 6, a 15K trail race at Town Run Trail Park, about 10 minutes from my house. But I’ll be out of town that weekend, in Ohio for Labor Day Weekend. I’m hoping to hit some of my favorite old trails in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio while I’m there.

Then back to Indy, hoping to find a better scene at the races.


OK, I can’t end this post on a whiny note. So here’s something to keep me smiling.

It has nothing to do with running. But it has something to do with nature, which is close enough to trails for me.

Here are photos of my flower garden, which is in full bloom these days. I took these photos a week or so ago in my front yard. Happy summer!

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    (That’s a fast pace, hope you find a race, put the flowers in a vase)

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