A taste of fall

OK, the trees don't look like this yet, but if this cool weather continues, it won't be long until they do.

Ah, cool air. What a relief.

For the last few days, we’ve had a wonderful wave of air from Canada, dropping temps into the 70s, and even down to the 50s overnight.

That’s great weather for sleeping. But lousy weather for getting up.

By morning, it’s a bit chilly, so it’s tough to get out of bed. It’s tempting to stay under the covers for another hour of sleep, instead of bounding out the door at 6:30 or 7 a.m. for a five-miler before work.

But that’s OK. It also means that the temps are cool during the day, so I can do lunchtime runs again.

That’s what I did today, for the first time in weeks, maybe months. I ran on the towpath at lunchtime, racking up about five  miles in 42:59.

I noticed that leaves are beginning to fall along the canal banks, and I didn’t see any geese or ducks. I wonder if they’ve already taken off for warmer climes.

The nice weather won’t last forver. I’m sure we’ll have a few more weeks of 80-degree weather. After all, today is just the first of September. It’s still summer for another three weeks.

But the cool, crisp air is my favorite. This really is ideal running weather. Hey, it’s ideal for almost everything.

I guess you can tell I just came back from a run. The endorphins are in full swing. Everything is wonderful.


Another reason to avoid pavement

As much as I go on and on about the fun and beauty of running on trails, there’s another reason to avoid pavement.

There are a lot of cars on roads — along with parking lots, driveways and everywhere else you’re likely to find asphalt.

Cars are big and heavy. In any one-on-one with runners, the cars are likely to win, unfortunately. So if for no other reason, I take to the trails for safety reasons. About the worst that can happen to me there is to trip on a rock or get stung by a bee.

I’ve railed and ranted and joked about road running before. (See here and here and here.) But for the latest reminder of the danger of roads, here’s an item from this morning’s paper:

Jogger, 60, dies of injuries after being hit by SUV

Police said an Indianapolis man died Monday from injuries he suffered Saturday when he was hit by an SUV while jogging in the parking lot of North Central High School on the far north side.

Dennis Dodson, 60, died at Methodist Hospital of head injuries sustained when he was struck by a 16-year-old student tennis player from Carmel who had been participating in a tournament at North Central.

The teen driver stopped at a stop sign as he was leaving the school, police said. He looked in his rearview mirror to see whether his friends were following him. When he saw they were not, he put his car in reverse, striking Dodson.


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