Trails and spider webs

T is for Thursday. T is for trails.

You might say: “Hey, Trail Boy, isn’t every day a trail day?”

Not anymore.  Now that I’m trying to recapture some speed and set some PRs this fall, I’m going to be running on pavement and tracks a little more often.

And I’ll even do some (gasp) road races.

But, naturally, trails are my first love, so I’ll still do trail runs a couple times a week.

Today, I started my morning with a seven-mile trail run at Town Run Trail Park. The trail is well-known for its challenging twists and turns, lots of short hills, and roller-coaster layout.

It was a great way to start the day, running at dawn in the dark woods, with dirt under my feet and watching the sun come up over the White River.

I had the trail entirely to myself. I didn’t see a single soul out there. That’s saying a lot. Town Run is hugely popular with trail runners, and even more with mountain bikers. Most days (especially weekends), you will see dozens, sometimes hundreds of people on that trail. The parking lot is often jammed.

But today, it was just me and the songbirds.

Well, and a few dozen spider webs. Man, if I wiped one spider web off my face, I wiped off 50. I wasn’t running deep into the brush, either. I stayed on the trail — a busy trail, as I said, so I think these spiders work very fast.

This trail is always a good workout. My time was 1:08:50.

So that was my fun today. Tomorrow, it’s back to work, with some helacious drill (probably hills) that I’m sure I will dream up between now and then.


One Response to “Trails and spider webs”

  1. That looks like a nice trail. I can identify with the spider webs – when I’m running with girls, they make me go first so I can clear the trail of spider webs with my face!

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