The kid looks strong

My pride and joy (and sometimes running rival), Steven, had his first cross country meet of the season yesterday. Of course, I had to go and cheer him on. He started out strong, but a foot pain caused him to fade about halfway through the 3K course. He was disappointed with his time. Of course, we both hope it’s a temporary thing, and that he’ll recover in time to show the world what we can do. I think he’ll bounce back. 

Steven runs down the fairway toward the finish line.

Steven, in the middle of the photo, pushes off to a strong start.

Nothing warms Trail Boy's heart more than to see another trail runner, especially when it's my own son.



I’ve never had much luck wearing bow ties.

You really need to have the right look to pull it off: suave and sophisticated, like Cary Grant. Every time I try to wear a bow tie, I look like a dork.


But as a runner, I like another kind of bow tie: a running course that keeps looping back to a central point. 

First you run in one direction, then loop back to the starting point. Then you can head out in the opposite direction for a bit, and loop back again.

Some days, it’s just comforting to stay close to the home base, no matter how long the run. The starting is a good place to stash water and food. And the starting point is your house, then so much the better.

That’s what I did this morning.

OK, it was a miniaturized version of a bow tie loop. Instead of running five or six miles in one direction, I ran a one-mile loop in one direction, then a half-mile loop in the other direction. I did it three times, for a run of about 4 1/2 miles.

It was a decent distance on a weekday morning. And it meant I could stay fairly close to home, watching the boys get on their school buses, and stopping once for water.

Some times, bow ties look pretty good.


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