Back from the dead

It’s remarkable what a good night’s sleep will do for you.

A day after I was stumbling around like a zombie, I have a spring back in my step.

Who would have guessed? Rest is important. My mother was right, after all.

So, feeling refreshed, I went out this morning to run mile repeats. I did my newest speed drill — mile loops on neighborhood roads without any rest breaks, each lap faster than the last. (Read about my last one here.)

I wanted to run five or six of these mile laps. But alas, I had time this morning for only four. (I had to get back to the house to let the electrician in.)lazarus

Here are my times:

Loop 1 — 9:01

Loop 2 — 8:14

Loop 3 — 7:44

 Loop 4 — 7:21

I would like to say that loops five and six would have been much faster, possibly a sub-7:00 pace. But to tell the truth, I was getting a big winded, and was glad to have an excuse to stop. It would have been tough this morning to keep pushing the pace.

It’s been just one day since I was stumbling around in a fog, barely conscious. I called myself a “dead man walking.”

If I had tried another lap or two this morning, I might have been “dead man sprawled flat on the ground, in need of an embalmer.”



I love running DINO trail races. They are always interesting, fun and well-done.

Over Labor Day weekend, while I was traveling to Ohio, I missed a 15K trail race at Town Run Trail Park.

The park has a fun, winding singletrack, enormously popular with trail runners and mountain bikers.

Here are a few photos of the DINO race there that I found at the Indiana Trail Running web site. It shows what a cool, fun trail this is — especially for a city park just three miles from my house.






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