Weekends were made for trails

The Camp Creek Trail at Fort Ben meanders through the woods. I snapped this photo during a 90-minute run this morning.

Finally, another helllish week comes to an end, and I can get back to the trails.

Thank God for weekends.

This morning, I went out for a 90-minute run at Fort Ben, and reveled in the sights of autumn — the first batch of turning trees, a few crisp leaves on the trail, my breath in the air.

It was just the right tonic.

For the past week or two, I’ve been spending too many late days at work. I’ll spare you all the details, except to say it’s one of those weeks that comes along every six months or so and tries to see if it can kill me.

It couldn’t end soon enough. And I happy just to survive.

I was happier still to get out early this morning and take in some beautiful sights, during a solo run, and not think a single thought about work.

For an hour or so, I took a breath and enjoyed life again.

I think this photo says everything.


I once saw a T-shirt that said: “Cross country is the only sport where the spectators get to run.”

How true that is.

I spent the better part of yesterday in northern Indiana, running back and forth across a city park, watching hundreds and hudreds of middle schoolers compete on a hilly, challenging course.

Steven, my pride and joy, competed in the very last heat, so I had to hang around for nearly three hours before I could see him run. He ran strong, 12:44 for a 3K course, or an average pace of 6:49.

That sounds fast in my book, but the winner finished about two minutes faster. Those kids were flying.

Steven sprints to the finish line.

It was cool to watch the young athletes stampede down the trails and across the fields. I hurried from point to point, so I could see them take the hills, round the corners, jockey for position at every chance.

Afterward, the team and the parents went to Indiana Dunes State Park, about 15 minutes away, and enjoyed splashing in Lake Michigan, racing up and down the huge dune piles and playing football in the sand.


My computer is slowly dying. I have dozens of great photos that I want to upload onto my computer, but that will have to wait for another day.

My hard drive is sputtering, coughing, gasping. I think it’s time to visit Best Buy and try to replace this 10-year-old dinosaur.


One Response to “Weekends were made for trails”

  1. That looks like a great trail. Glad you got a chance to recharge.

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