November in October

It’s a picture perfect day for late November: wet, windy, gray and chilly.

But hang on. It’s only October 15.

What the hell happened to October?

Yo, October. Get back here. No one said you could leave the stage yet. We have two more weeks before your contract is up. There’s a lot of performances between now and then. It’s not time for your smoke break!

If you hadn’t guessed, I like October weather — REAL October weather: crisp air, dry ground, fun smells, mind-blowing scenery. That is ideal weather for running.

I do not like November in October. I do not want to look out the window and see this:


Ooh, that’s ugly. That’s raincoat-and-long-pants weather.

In October, I want to see pretty leaves, not gray skies.

Do you get my drift? I look forward to October all year long. For runners, the month is solid gold. It’s the Boardwalk in Monopoly. It’s a Broadway show and the Super Bowl and the Boston Marathon, all rolled up into one.

OK, maybe not the Boston Marathon. That’s in April. But there are lots of other marathons in October —  more than 80 of them, according to, probably more than any other single month. Why is that? Because October is  tops.

Have I said it enough?

OK, I guess I can’t just sit around, fuming and throwing large books at the wall. I have to go running. This is a running blog, after all, not  some mindless rant. If you want endless bloviating and turning molehills into mountains, go turn on Fox News.

So back to running. Yes, did go running today — five miles on the towpath at lunchtime. I jumped over endless puddles, and saw my breath in the air.

When I was done, 43 minutes later, I felt a little better, but not much. Because it was still November outside. In October. So I’m kind of feeling cheated.

Just thought I’d point that out, in case you couldn’t tell.


2 Responses to “November in October”

  1. I, too, love October in the Midwest. It’s the single thing I miss about the North. When you miss out on it, it doesn’t make me feel any better. I haven’t seen one single picture of changing leaves from any of my family and friends up there.

    The Susan Komen race that I used to run in in Lexington was in late September, early October. It was too crowded and on downtown streets and just a crazy atmosphere (no trails, Trail Boy) but the weather was always perfect.

  2. Hey, at least you HAVE weather. We don’t have much seasonal change here in the OC, although it is very foggy this morning.

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