Trails are great for hiking, too.


Hiking in October is a great activity for the family -- or a bunch of families.


Finally, Mother Nature took a good look at the calendar and realized what month it was.  

Yes, it’s October. And thank God, it finally looks and feels like October, once again.  

The gray, dreary weather have ended, at least for now. The crisp, clear weather of October is back. All it took was a little kvetching by Trail Boy.  

And to take advantage of the wonderful fall weather, I took the family out to Shades State Park on Saturday for a day on the trails.  

We didn’t run the trails. But we spent hours and hours hiking them (along with three other families) and that’s nearly as good, in my book.  

The park is about 70 miles west of our house. It’s worth the drive. The trails are spectacular — up and down ravines, through gorges, along creek beds, some waterfalls, rock ledges, a few steep staircases, some challenging hills.  

Mr. and Mrs. Trail Boy are all smiles. And why not? We're on the trails.


Is there a better way to spend the day than on the trails? I think we all know the answer to that.  

So here was our day. We drove the park after breakfast. When we got there, we took a long hike. Then we had lunch around the campfire. Then we had another long hike. Then we had dinner around the campfire.  

Sounds like a full day to me.  

Next weekend, I get back to the races, with a fall favorite, the Knobstone Trail Half-Marathon, on the rugged hills of Low Gap Trail in the Morgan Monroe State Forest.  

But this weekend was a fun, laid-back hiking weekend. Both kinds are great.  

You just can’t go wrong with a trail.  

Jake slices potatoes for dinner.


Chowing down around the campfire.


One Response to “Trails are great for hiking, too.”

  1. Great picture of you two, Mr. and Ms. Trail Boy.

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