A tough race, but no complaints

Oooh, that race was a little tougher than I expected.

Wet roads. Gusty headwinds. Tight hamstrings.

It made for five long miles.

This was my first time running the Historic Irvington Pleasant Run Run. I don’t know why, but I thought it would be a walk in the park.

It wasn’t. The roads were wet from several days of rain, making the bricks and asphalt on several streets incredibly slippery. The air was gusty, and switched directions constantly. It seemed I was constantly running into a stiff headwind. I know that can’t be the case, because the course changed directions every few minutes. (See map here.) But it sure seemed that way.

And what was up with my legs? Just weird. I can’t explain. My hamstrings were tight. Maybe it was residual damage from last weekend’s trail half-marathon. It was a total surprise. I ran Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and felt nice and strong. I took Friday as a rest day, hoping it would give me some extra bounce.

No bounce. I was running stiff and tight most of the race. Like I said, weird.

Still, I finished the race in one piece, with a time of 37:56, for an average pace of 7:35 a mile.

That was good enough to put me in the top half. I finished 66th out of 418 overall (top 15 percent). In my age, group, I finished 8th out of 20. I can live with that.

And as I said before, the scenery was great, with lots of interesting old houses, churches and parks.

So I’m certainly not complaining.

I just hope my legs loosen up before next weekend. I’m registered to run a road half-marathon on Saturday. Tight legs won’t carry me for 13.1 miles. Trail Boy is going to be doing a lot of stretching between now and then.


One Response to “A tough race, but no complaints”

  1. You ran a half marathon, painted the shutters and then a week later ran another race and you’re surprised you’re stiff?

    However, it’s my amateur opinion that it was the fault of the slippery roads. Don’t you run a little more tentatively when you’re trying not to slip?

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