My box of medals

What do you do with a boxful of running medals?

Over the past half-dozen years, I have accumulated 15 or 20 medals for finishing one race or another. For years, I had no idea what to do with them. So I just tossed them in a box under  my bed.

Some people have nice displays in a trophy room, with all their cool medals and trophys and plaques. I’ve never been that organized. Or that athletic.

If I had a Boston Marathon medal (or two), I would build the nicest trophy case you ever saw, and display the medal in a prominent place, under a shining light.

I don’t have a Boston medal (yet). But I have a bunch of medals from other races. Each of them means something to me. I trained hard for them. I ran tough races — like a trail marathon in the snow, or a hilly 50K that never seemed to end, or a 50-mile relay through swamps and prickly bushes.

Of course, there were a bunch of challenging marathons, too. Some of the races made me jump for joy at the finish line. Some of them made me pull my hair in disappointment.

But they all have a story. And they really don’t belong in a box under a bed.

This weekend, I gave the box another look. Here’s what I found:

I wanted to get a better look. So I dumped all the medals on the bed, and arranged them, more or less.

This is what it looked like:

So then what? I pushed them into the box and forgot about them for a while.

Then on Saturday afternoon, I drove my older son to tae-kwon-do lessons, a few miles away. I had an hour to kill while he practiced his punches and kicks and bowing and such. So I walked over to a Dollar Store a few doors away and found a few sets of wooden pegs. And a light went on over my head. Maybe I could use them to hang my medals on the wall.

They wooden pegs were a little beat up. But I bought them, took them home, gave them a coat of dark-blue paint and let them dry overnight.

Then today, I hung them in a downstairs hall. And I put as many of my medals on them as I could fit — 16.  Here’s how it looks:

It’s not a top-notch decorating job. But it’s a start. And it might encourage me to run a few more long races, and collect some more cool medals.

I still have about five medals in my box. I’ll have to keep an eye out for more wooden hooks in the Dollar Store.

It’s fun to walk past that hallway now, and glance at the medals. As I said, each race has a memory.

Now my memories are out from under the bed and on the wall.


I’m glad to report that I’m starting to regain my energy and strength, after a week of feeling lousy.

I ran for about four miles today at Town Run Trail Park, my first run in over a week. It was a beautiful fall day, with temps in the high 70s and leaves all over the ground.

The park was filled with hundreds of runners, hikers and mountain bikers. Funny how unseasonably nice weather will bring people out of the woodwork.

I saw a few people I knew. We were all in heaven, enjoying the trails and the outdoors on a beautiful day.

I ran a little stiff-legged, trying to feel my way back after all this time off my feet. I didn’t push hard. “Nice and easy” was the order of the day.

I finished my run in 39 minutes, came home, had lunch, and then got to work on some chores — painting the last half-dozen shutters, a project that has kept me busy for the last three weekends.

I got the job done. Now the house looks nice and sharp.

Isn’t it something, how beautiful weather and endorphins will make everything just super-wonderful all the time?

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2 Responses to “My box of medals”

  1. Beautiful weather and endorphins make the world go round.

    I like your hooks. Also am admiring the paint color on that wall. (I’m such a girl.) What room is that?

    I’m going to show this to my son Jack, who has lots of medals, too, and they were hanging off of various stuff on his book shelf until we moved him to a different bedroom. They’re now in a box waiting for some creative way to be displayed.

    • That room is a short hallway from the front door to the first-floor bathroom. The color on the wall is “bosc pear,” or as I like to call it “crab guts.”

      If you want to see more of my house and the colors, check out my early FB photo albums, especially “The Week Before Christmas” and “Christmas morning.”

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