Another reason to love November

November is a great month to be alive. Why do I like it? Let’s count the ways.

1) CoBXP49582ol, crisp weather, great for running.

2) Some of the best meteor showers of the year, known as the Leonids, occur in mid-November. I like sky shows.

3) Elections are held in November. As a former poli sci student, Congressional page, and news junkie, I’ve always loved Election Day.

4) National Adoption Day is Nov. 1. How could I not salute that, having adopted two sons?

5) Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s a chance to count your blessings, maybe run a race, eat some wonderful food, enjoy a piece or two of pie, and see family and friends. Plus it’s not as stressful as Christmas.

Yep, all those things are good.

But here’s another awesome thing about November.

It’s the month when the horse trail at Fort Harrison State Park is finally open to hikers and runners. The long wait is over.

That’s right. From April through October, the horse trail is closed to pedestrians. Horseback riders get to  hog the trail to themselves.

But from November through March, the riding season is over. The horses spend the winter in their barns or wherever, and trail runners in Indy get another three miles of wooded trails to run.

It’s reason enough to celebrate. Especially since I grouse all summer about the trail being reserved for horse-riding only.

So today, before work, I drove out to Fort Harrison and ran all the trails — including, of course, the horse trail. It’s a scenic trail through the woods with a couple of creek crossings and enough rolling hills to give you a workout.

Of course, I had to watch my step. Just a week or two ago, horses were using these trails, and they left plenty of souvenirs.

I had the trail mostly to myself. I counted just one other person, an older guy hiking the trail, near the creek. We laughed about how nice it was to use this trail again.

Yes, when you live in Central Indiana, you don’t have a lot of trails to choose from. You have to rejoice when a new one opens, even for a few months. 

I trotted along, enjoying the sights of November and breathing in the cool air. Before I know it, winter will be here. November is a time to appreciate the last few weeks of fall.

Today, it was a great way to spend an hour and 10 minutes.

Here’s to ya, November.


By law, Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday of November.

But this year, for me anyway, it will fall on the third Sunday of November.

That’s right, Thanksgiving is coming nearly two weeks early.

Through some odd confluence of factors, mostly involving vacation schedules, my parents are holding Thanksgiving this Sunday at their house in Cleveland.

Yep,  Thanksgiving on Sunday, eleven days before the official holiday.

I just learned about it two days ago. Mrs. Trail Boy and I are scrambling to get to Ohio this weekend to make it happen. Actually, I’m grateful. I didn’t think I would be able to see my family this Thanksgiving, due to vacation schedules at work. I was planning to spend Thanksgiving weekend in Indiana.

Now, I’ll get to see family and friends. And of course, my beloved Ohio trails. I’m not sure when or where I’ll run them, or if I’ll manage to connect with old running friends. 

And when I get back to Indiana, we’ll still be able to celebrate the real Thanksgiving, a week or so later.

What’s the only thing better than one Thanksgiving?

Two Thanksgivings.

I’m giving thanks already.

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One Response to “Another reason to love November”

  1. Have a great trip to Cleveland. You have a lot to be thankful for.

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