Whoa! Something’s different. Is this the right place?

Yep. It’s the same blog. With a different look.

It’s modern! And bold! And easier to navigate!

That’s the spin every newspaper publisher gives every time he overhauls a design for no apparent reason, right?

I’ve worked for newspapers for 26 years. And every year or two, without fail, every paper I’ve worked for would would undergo a complete face lift.

Columns would be wider or narrower. Type would be bigger or smaller. Photos would look different. The sections would be combined in a new way. Theme pages would come or go.

Of course, the publisher always wrote a note to readers, saying the redesign was done to make the paper easier on the eye, or more engaging, or easier to navigate. The headline would say something breathless like: “A clean, modern layout!”

The reporters knew better. The redesign was done to cut costs. Or to mimic some other paper that was growing faster. Or give the publisher’s idiot nephew something to do.

Readers would complain by the hundreds. But it didn’t matter. It really wasn’t their paper. It was the publisher’s.

So now it’s my turn.

If you're not careful, your blog could look this tired and outdated.

A successful blog is edgy, wow, high-energy, unpredictable -- so the experts say, anyway.

As you can see, I’m messing around with the design. Instead of black on white, now it’s white on black. The column width is slightly smaller. The header tabs are gone. I’ve changed my banner photo and the color scheme.

Why? Well, I’m the publisher of this blog, so I shouldn’t really even have to bother to explain.

But being the reader-friendly guy I am, I will. Here’s the story.

Part of the reason, frankly, is that I was getting bored with the old look. I looked at my blog day in and day out, sometimes a half-dozen times a day. The design was getting ho-hum. It didn’t excite me.

But more importantly, it just wasn’t doing the job. It didn’t have enough energy. This is a blog about adventure running. The design needed to convey more fun, energy, adventure and risk.

It’s hard to convey those things in my posts if the design is putting me to sleep. And perhaps some of my readers.

I think the new design has more punch and will convey more of the excitement that trail running is all about. The colors are brighter. The type is sharper.

I’m excited already. I want to stand up right now and go take a 10-mile trail run. When I get back, I want to sign up for a 50K.

That’s what a blog should do. At least this one.

Let me know what you think.


I took a nice 5.25-mile run at lunchtime today on the towpath. The run was nothing fancy, just an easy out-and-back, to put miles in the bank and keep me going. It was your basic maintanance run. I finished in 48:10.

It was my last run in Indy before hitting the road Saturday morning for a three-day weekend in Cleveland and Akron. I plan to hit a trail or two while I’m there. Not sure where or when.

See you when I get back.

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One Response to “NEW! AND IMPROVED!”

  1. I love your new design! I liked the old one; it was classy, but maybe that’s not what you were going for. ;) This one is more reader-friendly and, you’re right, is more punchy.

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