Left in the dust

If you don’t move fast, you get left in the dust.

That’s true in running. And it’s true in signing up for races.

Twice in the past month, I’ve dawdled in signing up for a cool trail race, only to have the race fill up early and leave me on the sidelines.

I wanted to run the Buckeye Trail Winter Fun Run next January. I dawdled. The race filled up.

This past weekend, I wanted to run the Outback Scramble 5-mile trail race at Eagle Creek Park. I dawdled. The race filled up.

The lesson: If you snooze, you lose. Get a plan and move fast.

Just ask anyone who got closed out of the 2010 Boston Marathon. It sold out faster than expected, surprising lots of runners. “Well, I sat on my rear end and thought I could sign up for Boston in December. WRONG! It sold out in record time!” wrote Jim on his blog.

“I never expected it to fill up so early,” someone wrote on a chat board at Letsrun.com.

So without a race to run this weekend, I just did some solo running here and there. On Saturday, I hit the trails at Fort Ben for about five miles. On Sunday, I ran roads in my neighborhood for about four miles. This morning, I ran trails for about four miles at Town Run Trail Park.

It was OK. But I was in the mood for a race. I guess when I see something fun, I had better move faster next time.

Speaking of which, it’s time to start thinking about a race on Thanksgiving. But after checking out the race calendars, I’m not real excited by the options. There are the usual short-distance road races around Indiana: a Drumstick Dash (4.5 miles) in Indy, a Galloping Gobbler (4 miles) in Fort Wayne, a Turkey Trot (10K) in Valparaiso, a Foot Feast (5M) in New Albany.

These races usually bring out a zillion runners on narrow city streets, and it’s just a mob scene. Last year’s Drumstick Dash, for example, attracted 7,000 runners. With that kind of crowd, it’s hard to get a good position or pass anyone.

Maybe I’ll just head to a state park and have the trails all to myself. Everyone else will be at the races.

But I should probably make up my mind pretty fast. Or I’ll be left in the dust again.


Speaking of numbers, here’s a small milestone I want to mark.

Over the weekend, my blog got its 5,000th hit.

It’s not huge. But it’s not tiny, either. It averages out to a few hundred hits a week since I launched this blog in March. (It doesn’t include my own page views.)

In the big scheme, it’s a little thing. No matter. I got a little thrill seeing the first digit turn over.

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “Left in the dust”

  1. The 5,000 hits is a great milestone. Isn’t it amazing when you think about people sitting at their computers, reading your blog 5,000 times? I would be more excited about my own blog’s traffic, except so many of them are my own page views … I think it was my son who said about his blog: “My blog got 500 views. Too bad 400 of them are from my mom. Thank goodness for Dad.”

  2. I ran the Outback Scramble last year. It was a blast. One hill was so steep they had a rope to assist runners going up. Since there are no trails, bloody legs from all the briers are just the price of admission.

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