How now, brown woods?

It doesn’t get much browner than this: a trail through the Indiana woods in mid-December.

It’s a sad sight, indeed. Bare trees. Leaden skies. Muddy leaves all over the ground.

You can look at it one of three ways:

1) Oh my God, how depressing. What’s on TV?

2) Yeah, I need to run, but not like that. Time to head to the gym and jump on a treadmill.

3) A trail! What a great way to get some endorphins and jazz up my mood. Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll see some deer or wild turkeys, or maybe a waterfall or ravine I hadn’t noticed before.

Yep, that’s the choice. Door Number One, Door Number Two, Door Number Three.

Guess which door I chose?

I’ll go with Number Three every time, no matter how brown and dreary it looks. I know that at the end of an hour or two, I’ll be smiling ear to ear.

That’s what happened today. I was slightly down in the dumps, due to the cold weather and gray skies. I knew I needed to find a trail.

I drove to Brown County State Park, about an hour south of my house, for a solo run on some of the hilliest trails in Indiana.

You can definitely say that things looked brown in Brown County. If this were a painting, it would not be a Bob Ross happy sky. It would be something dark and heavy by Van Gogh, right before one of his nervous breakdowns.

To keep my mood light, I played a few games: Run to the top of the hill. See what’s around the next bend. Take this downhill as fast as possible. Jump across the creek.

It was like being a kid again.  At the end, I was the Endorphin Boy.

Trails will do it every time.


One Response to “How now, brown woods?”

  1. You’re right. Bare trees and gray skies are still more appealing than anything indoors, no matter how colorful.

    Hope you’re enjoying your vacation!

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