2009 in review: The good, the bad and the ugly


So, another year draws to a close. That means it’s time for a Year in Review, also known as raking up old wounds, kicking myself for missing some goals and doing a victory lap around a few bright spots. So let’s get to it!       

Bright spots:  

* I ran my first ultra, the Buckeye Trail 50K, finally achieving a five-year dream.  Bring on more ultras! (See link here.)  

* I ran my first ultra relay, Dances With Dirt, a 50-mile scramble on a hilly trail course at Brown County State Park, as part of a five-person team.  (See link here.)      

* I set a PR at a 5-mile road race, 35:01, at the Hit the Bricks race in Zionsville. (See link here.)      

* I finally broke two hours in the Anti-Mini Marathon, a trail half-marathon, 1:59:47, taking nearly five minutes off my previous best time, despite muddy conditions.  (See link here.)

* I launched this blog and kept it going, week after week — whether or not I had anything new or interesting to report!  (See link here.)   

* I celebrated my 50th birthday by running a 10-mile race on flooded trails, with 26 creek crossings, despite a slight fever.  (See link here.)

* I ran 11  races this year, about par for the course. In the process, I racked up a second-place and a third-place (in my age group). Of all the races, seven were on trails and four were on roads. The race distances, from shortest to longest, were: 4.5M, 5M (2), 10K, 15K , 10M (2), half-marathon (2), 50K, 50M relay.     

 Dim spots:       

* I didn’t run a single marathon this year, for the first time since 2002.  That was a bummer. I’m still not sure why I let this happen.   

* I notched up my first-ever DNS (“Did Not Start”) at the Monumental Indianapolis Half-Marathon, due to a fever.  (See link here.)     

* After training hard and hitting my major goal (50K in July), I kind of drifted for the second half of the year.        

* I still haven’t found a steady training partner. I do 95 percent of my runs alone, due to my weird working hours and too many other commitments.     

Most insane moment:       

Running a 2-mile loop on the Lawrence Creek Trail 14 consecutive times during ultra training.  By the 10th or 11th loop, I was going loopy.  (See link here.)     

Biggest vicarious thrill:       

Learning that a friend from Cleveland, Kevin Cartier, qualified for the Boston Marathon by pushing himself to the limit at the Cleveland Marathon.   (See link here.)    

Lowest moment:       

Learning that another running friend, “Voodoo Joe” Truini of Akron, died in his sleep at the age of 37.  (See link here.)     

Biggest joy (tie)   

* Watching my sons chase their own endorphins: Steven at cross-country and tae-kwon-do, and Jake at soccer and baseball.   

* Every time I get back to Ohio to run trails with Denny Gordon.  (See link here and here.)     

Most frustrating moment:

The countless times I brought my running gear to work in hopes of doing a lunchtime run, only to be forced to work through lunch on a big assignment.     

Biggest regret:   

Not running a marathon this year.   

Biggest hope:   

Peace on earth, goodwill to all. And more trails in Central Indiana.

5 Responses to “2009 in review: The good, the bad and the ugly”

  1. nice year thanks for sharing!! and don’t forget you inspired your younger sister to run 13.1 in Denver and sign up for her first 26.2 before she turns 50! hugs

  2. Hey, don’t sell yourself short, that DWD relay was 100k, wasn’t it?

    • You might be right, but I thought it was 50M, at least this year. Have you run this race?

      • I ran the 50k solo this year. The mud at the beginning and end was brutal. Trudging through the mud section near the end I was fantasizing about strangling the race director. I think that anger was the only thing that kept me going. For Brown County the hills weren’t too bad though.

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