Press 1 for muddy. Press 2 for completely under water.

It’s ugly out there. Rain, sleet, slush.  

Anyway you slice it, it’s sloppy weather. It’s been like that all week, and the trails are taking a pounding.  

I ran for an hour or so at Fort Ben yesterday morning. The trails varied between damp, slushy, goopy and completely under water.  

Look at this picture:  


You might think it’s a creek. But no, it’s a trail — the lowest part of the Lawrence Creek Trail.  

I hopped around it, as best as I could, turned the corner, and hoped for drier ground ahead. Thankfully, the next mile was merely muddy, but not covered with three inches of water.  

It’s been that kind of week — damp, rainy, slushy. It has been raining almost every day.  

Despite it all, I’ve been running almost every day, mostly on the towpath, facing the elements.  

And the elements weren’t afraid to dish it out. If the rain wasn’t hitting me in the face, the splashback from the trail puddles were soaking my feet.  

Whatever happened to light, fluffy snow in January?

I was looking for a race to run this weekend, but couldn’t find one that excited me. A moonlight trail run was postponed for the second time, due to wet and muddy conditions.  

 The only big race nearby was the “Bop to the Top,” a staircase run up 36 flights of stairs at the Chase Bank Tower downtown. The thought of doing that gave me not a single, solitary goose bump.

I was hoping to get down to southern Indiana today to run through some hilly forests. But I couldn’t find any group runs. Then about a half-hour ago, I was scanning the Indiana Trail Runners web site, and saw a notice for a group run on Three Lakes Trails in the Morgan Monroe State Forest that was held this morning. Obviously, I missed it. What a bummer. I wish I had seen that yesterday. That would been the perfect medicine for a dreary weekend. 


I love my running watch. It does everything I ask of it. It gives me accurate times. It remembers splits and laps. It times my intervals between 800 repeats. It even wakes me up in the morning.  

If only I could find it.  

My running watch, a Timex Flix with 100-lap memory, went missing a few weeks ago, and I’m getting the shakes.  

This is what I've come to: wearing a dress watch on the trails.

I’ve looked everywhere for it: in my car, in my running bag, in my pants pockets, in all my dresser drawers.  

In the meantime, I have taken to running with my dress watch. I feel like Ward Cleaver, bounding through the woods with a fancy watch on my arm.  

Please, running watch, come back to Poppa.


2 Responses to “Press 1 for muddy. Press 2 for completely under water.”

  1. You’ll be OK. Until you start running in your wingtips. Then you’re going to have to put out some APBs.

  2. The trails at Eagle Creek weren’t too bad yesterday morning. Though they probably didn’t improve after the additional rain today.

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