One lucky day

Is this my lucky day or what?

Just about everything I was whining about yesterday has turned to roses. Or maybe to Lucky Charms.

1) For the first time in weeks, it’s snowing today — not raining or sleeting. I was out running at lunchtime on the towpath and saw big, white fluffy flakes floating down from the sky onto the trail and surrounding woods. What a nice change, after getting hammered by rain  and sleet for weeks.

2) My running watch, which disappeared a few weeks ago, has turned up. I found it this morning in the pocket of a pair of work jeans. I guess I had taken my watch off while I was caulking the bathtub two weekends ago, and had forgotten to empty my pockets before neatly and carefully jamming my jeans into a back corner of the closet floor. I wore the watch during my run today, and was able to actually time myself: 29:29. (Unfortunately, I don’t how far I ran. I’m guessing about 3 1/2 miles.)

3) I looked at my calendar this morning and saw something that made me smile. I will be heading to heading up to Pokagon State Park in northeastern Indiana this weekend with family and friends for a midwinter getaway. I don’t know much about this park; I’ve been there only once for a couple of hours, on my way home from Michigan. But according to a park map, Pokagon has plenty of trails for running and hiking. That will be a great change of scenery, after too many weekends running the same old  trails at Fort Ben, some of which are currently under water. I’ll be staying overnight at a lodge at Pokagon, so hope to hit the trails several times. (Let’s hope the snow keeps falling this week, so the park’s toboggan chutes will be open for kids to enjoy.)

4) My editor is sending me to Wooster, Ohio, tomorrow to cover a hearing involving a possible fleecing of hundreds of investors. Wooster is just a hop and a skip from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, my favorite running grounds. I’m sure I’ll be able to squeeze in a trail run during my trip.

So all in all, it’s a good start to a week. If my lucky streak holds up, I’ll expect to find a $20 in the parking garage on my way home tonight.


2 Responses to “One lucky day”

  1. I knew you’d find that watch. Do you have to stay overnight in Wooster? How does that work?

  2. I was thinking that dress watch would start a new trail runner fashion trend.

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