Snow joke

Ah, the joys of road running in winter: slush, ice,  snowdrifts, puddles, slick roads. I had almost forgotten.

I went out at lunchtime today, for a quick four-miler around downtown, mostly on sidewalks. Within 10 minutes:

* I was sprayed with road  slush from a car that was flying by in the curb lane.

* I rolled an ankle as I was climbing over a mound of plowed snow.

* I got my feet drenched from running through countless puddles.

* I slipped once or twice on ice, although not seriously.

* I had to jump out of the way of vehicles at road crossings, including a huge snow plow that either didn’t see me or didn’t care.

Yep, it was another idyllic run. I met the elements on their own terms, taking whatever nature and modern society dished out.

Mind you, I’m not complaining. This is what you expect when you run roads in January.

You might say: “Trail Boy, what in the name of John Muir were you doing running on roads? Have you slipped a gear?”

Fair question. All I can say is that we’re having some tough weather these days. Most trails buried under a half-foot of snow, thanks to two heavy storms in the past five days. Like lots of cities, we’ve been digging out way out slowly.

So my choice was to hit the roads or hit the treadmill. It was like choosing between arsenic and hemlock.

It was a toughie, but I can’t stomach the thought of treadmills unless the air temps fall to single digits. And it was no where near that today, with 26 degrees on the time/temperature sign outside my building.

So took a deep breath, went outside, forced a smile, and began trotting down the sidewalk. Less than two minutes later, a car came flying my way, from the opposite direction, right through a deep slush puddle. A second later, I was covered with icy, filthy slush from chest to knee. For the next few minutes, I felt it seep in through my running pants, and run down my leg. That wiped the smile off my face.

But I kept going, running in a wide loop around the Indy Zoo and the IUPUI campus. I  got back to work about 45 minutes later, wet and wobbly.

Spring is almost here, right?

2 Responses to “Snow joke”

  1. Trail running through deep snow makes a great workout. It’s a lot like running through loose sand but without the girls in bikinis.

  2. Ya, I have had a lot of great workouts. The trails are deep and we just keep getting snow. It is a great workout, but you don’t want to get hurt. And the races I will be doing are not in snow. We just keep training!

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