Now that’s some Northern Exposure

I’ve been looking high and low for a winter race in the next few weeks, but I just can’t find anything that really excites me.

Oh sure, the names all sound good — tough guy and wintry. But when you take a look at the courses, they are really lame.

The  Great North Run is a 5K through a high school parking lot.

The Fight for Air Climb is a race up 30 flights of stairs in a downtown office building.

The Polar Bear race is  “fast, scenic and flat through the newly renovated north side neighborhoods.”

That’s not really what I had in mind. 

How about something really off the wall, like this scene from old TV show “Northern Exposure.” I guess once you spend a few winters in Alaska, you lose your inhibitions and take winter runs to a whole new level.

One of these days, I just might have to find a race like this.


Another day, another snowstorm.

Yep, we got another blast today, our third major snowstorm in less than two weeks.

But that’s what you expect when you live in the snowbelt. You make peace with it.

In that spirit, I ran for about a half-hour before breakfast today on neighborhood roads. The snow blew into my face, no matter which way I turned. The footing was very difficult, with  a few inches of snow on the roads, and more coming.

Of course, after posting my rant yesterday about people who exercise inside, I couldn’t cop out. I had to head out and take it.

But after three miles, I decided that was plenty for a blizzardy Monday morning.

Congrats to all hardy runners who continue to rack up 40 or 50 miles a week (or more) in this weather. Lately, I’ve been lucky to break 25.

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One Response to “Now that’s some Northern Exposure”

  1. David Krahulik Says:

    Have you tried sheet metal screws? The do actually help. David K

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