Just one of those lousy weeks

Having a good week? Hahahahahahahaha! What a joker!

Here’s a quick look at my last four days. No, it’s not a parody, unlike my recent posting on handguns (which way too many people took seriously). The following is competely accurate, down to the last miserable detail.

* Friday night: Got ready for bed. Set alarm for 6 a.m., with goal of getting in a 60-90 minute run in the morning. I needed the run, to help me cope with an upcoming weekend that promised to be over-long and overwhelming. 

* I slept fitfully, waking up at 1:30 a.m. and was unable to get back to sleep. I read four chapters of a book, did a little Wii bowling, watched TV and finally went back to sleep around 4:30.

* Saturday: At 6 a.m., the alarm went off. I sat up, exhausted. I stumbled through the kitchen, looking for the coffee. After 10 minutes of bumping into walls, I decided a run wasn’t in the cards.

* I inhaled coffee and some fruit, got dressed, and drove off to a merry day of meetings and interviews, highlighted by lots of sitting around, with periodic meal breaks.

* At 9:30 p.m., I came home, exhausted, and went straight to bed.

* Sunday: I woke up early for a run. It took me about two minutes to realize that things were still moving slow in my world. But I couldn’t procrastinate. I forced myself out the door, dressed in my finest running gear. After a excruciating half-mile of plodding around the neighborhood and breathing heavily, I downgraded to a power-walk, fearing that anything tougher could result in a hospital visit. The weather matched my mood: cold and foggy.

* After 30 minutes of walking, I came back home, showered, dressed, and headed out again to church in a fog, literally and figurately. I spent the next six hours in meetings and interviews. I came home exhausted.

* Monday: I got up early. I looked out the window. I noticed it was raining, sleeting and still foggy. I poured an extra cup of coffee. I decided to postpone my run until lunchtime, hoping the rain would be over by then.

* I got dressed for work. With an eye on the weather, I decided on casual, warm attire. I pulled on a sweater, casual pants and heavy boots. I drove to work.

* Once at work, I remembered, in a panic, that I had a face-t0-face interview today with a top executive at the biggest company in town. I stifled a scream.

* Instead of running at lunchtime, I used my lunch hour to buy new shoes at downtown shoe store. (I needed new shoes anyway.) I hoped my “sweater look” wouldn’t make me look ridiculous, because I had no way to correct that in the time or budget allotted.  I went to the interview. I had a grand time talking to executive who was very down-to-earth. I went home for dinner and much-needed beer.

* Tuesday. I got up and looked out the window. Thank God, it wasn’t raining. It wasn’t snowing. It wasn’t foggy. There were no plagues of locusts, frogs or death or large animals.

* I pulled on running clothes and went outside, and (don’t faint, dear reader!), began to run.

* It felt great. For the first mile. Then I had to take a walking break. Yep, that happens after three days of stress, sleepless nights, bad weather and botched plans. Then I ran another mile. Then I walked again. Then I ran again. Then I walked again.

* I thought back to last week, when I ran five days in a row, highlighted by hill repeats on Friday. I considered how far I’ve fallen, and how quickly. I prayed for a quick bounce back.

* Later in the day, I got an e-mail from the director of a tough 25K trail race that will be held in a little over a month. The note confirmed that I was registered.  I groaned. It’s going to take a HUGE bounce back to be ready for this race.

* Throughout the day, I noticed periodically that my feet hurt. I looked down and cursed my new, shiny shoes.

* I concluded that the week is off to a crappy start. I brightened up after realizing it can only improve from here. Hahahahahaha. Another joke!

3 Responses to “Just one of those lousy weeks”

  1. Not a far fall, just a bad week. (You’re working too hard.)

  2. I too had a rough week that interfered with my running. But you have good training in your back pocket and you will bounce back!

    Forget about last week and think ahead.

    Here’s to a great week with joyous running.

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